Friends of Salt's

These are just some of the friends, associates and business contacts of Salt's. Click on the links to find out more about the company we keep.


  • Welcome to Yorkshire - Member


  • R&J Yorkshire's Finest Famers and Butchers
  • Yorkshire Orchards
  • Round Whiteley's Farm
  • Round Green Deer Farm
  • The Chambers
  • Helen Davies - The Wedding Concierge
  • Simply Vintage Events
  • Richard Wilson Photography
  • Joseph Dawson Photography
  • Sytner Group UK - New and Approved Used Cars
  • Bobajob Online Offline

Food and Drink Festivals

  • The Dales Festival of Food and Drink
  • The York Food and Drink Festival
  • Tastes of Yorkshire Food and Drink Festival
  • Malton Food Lovers Festival
  • Yorkshire Welcome
  • Saltaire Festival